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Stolen Vehicle Monitoring

Global Telemetrics is the billing and monitoring platform behind successful Award Winning Stolen Vehicle Tracking brands such as SmarTrack, Autowatch and Clifford. Always creating new ideas for the future of vehicle tracking, using cutting edge technology.

Global Telemetrics is a UK based company founded by James Mather and was formed in 2009 by the SmarTrack (SVRS) Stolen Vehicle Recovery Service group of specialists. These award winning, industry leading people make a real difference in supplying the best quality GPS – GPRS – GSM – LBS tracking service within modern day financial constraints. All of Global Telemetrics' concepts are born within the company. Our goal is to supply the very best by only using the most successful cloud based products like Salesforce.com and Google API Integration.

We are a 24 hour Secure Control Centre operating the use of tracker telemetry to supply a secure API of tracking platforms to many companies across the world.

Please feel free to explore our website and if you feel that we have not answered your question(s), don't hesitate contact us at any time as we are only too happy to help.

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